Three years ago…

June twenty-oneRead the blog message I prepared but never published, dated June 21, 2013. I “published” it today so it can be linked to this message (“published” exactly as written). I find it funny and pathetic. The volumes of stuff in my garden was insanity then–and the insanity continues? Very few of the items sold; plants were given away; donations went to Goodwill. However, many of those items went into storage with my household things and later transported to my present location. You can see them in my garden,

Fels-NapthaToday, I stumbled quite accidentally on this message as I searched my blog messages for “Fels-Naptha.” I thought I might find the homemade insect repellent recipe in one of last year’s messages. (No, not on an earlier message but an Internet reach provided this information.)

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