One customer at a time….

I’m “downsizing” one or two items at a time.  Management frowns on “stranger” vehicles crowding our small resident parking lot in a cul-de-sac.  Just for the fun of it, I’m posting the items I’ve advertised for sale.  As I’ve found in the past, very few people respond to my ads.  I’m living among retired missionaries and those that prepare for missionaries.

There were actually three separate ads but compiled into one for this (boring?!) blog message.

Memo to myself, I’m still editing this.  Starting with “Insane…” it will be in the “more” mode.

“Insane” is my middle name?! You would not believe how many bird feeders I have. I’ve had as many as thirteen feeders up at one time–providing a banquet for the birds!!

I’m moving to Texas where I suspect there will be fewer birds?! I’d like to recuperate some of my expenses. My move will be expensive and “downsizing” is important!!
3-tier open platform, plastic, green similar to this illustration~~ $5.

Suet/Seed Combo Feeder (red & well used) cost $60. Will you pay $30. ??

Cardinal bird feeder cost $35. Will you pay $20. ??
Squirrel Buster feeder cost $86. Will you pay $50. ??
Metal tube feeder cost $15. Will you pay $8. ??

Metal Hopper feeder cost $14. Will you pay $7. ??

Metal Deluxe Sunflower Depot Feeder cost $25. Will you pay $17. ??
Metal peanut feeder (never used) similar to conical peanut feeder cost $30. Will you pay $15. ??
Metal suet feeder shaped like yellow sunflower cost $25. Will you pay $15. ??
Metal double suet feeder, black with red “roof.” I never used for suet; I had string and dryer lint in it for birds to use for their nests. Yes, they love dryer lint!! ~~ $7.
Curious suet feeder!! ~~ $5. ~~ Spread peanut butter on a slice of stale bread and insert into this feeder.
Metal, round, Sunflower Seed feeder ~~ $5.
Nyjer seed Finch Feeder cost $34. Will you pay $20. ??
Hummingbird plastic feeder ~~ $5.
Hummingbird “Swing” (yes!!) Cost $15. Will you pay $7. ??

~~~ Protect your bird feeders from the squirrels ~~~

Cage around your bird feeder to keep squirrel off the feeder. Cage looks similar to this illustration. ~~ $20.
Hanging Squirrel Baffle green metal, only slightly used, cost $33. Will you pay $20. ??
Two Squirrel baffle(s) cost $22. each. Will you pay $15. ??
Squirrel baffle, homemade (by yours truly) from a satellite dish. Excellent (in my humble opinion)!! $7. will compensate me for the hardware.
Squirrel baffle, green plastic, old but serves its purpose. ~~ $5.
~~~ Or feed the squirrels (as I have!!)
Pennington sturdy metal Corn Cob Holder. ~~ $5.
Six (6) separate squirrel feeders, one is large metal feeder attached to cute metal chair. One is wreath for whole peanuts. $60. takes all. The feeder on a chair allows me to bring in the feeder at night so the raccoons don’t get the food.

~~~ Bird Feed ~~~

Finch Favorite bird seed, approx. 5 pounds cost $20. Will you pay $7. ??
~~~ Bird House ~~~
 Cute Sunflower decorative birdhouse looks similar to this illustration but mine is metal and a bird house, not feeder. ~~ $10.
~~~ Check this one (below) ~~~
My pride & joy Bluebird house needs a new home. The “Ultimate Bluebird House” is mounted on several sections of steel posts set in cement, set in a large flower planter with blooming Marigolds. Comes with attached birdbath, feeders, squirrel/raccoon/snake baffle and spy camera. ~~ See it in my blog. ~~ $200. firm
Two separate units. Bird feeder(s) on a pole with weighted base. Easy to position where you want it.
One with plastic bird feeder and plastic planter on a pole with weighted base. ~~ $10.
One with metal “squirrel buster” bird feeder on a pole with weighted base. ~~ $15.
One hanging metal “squirrel buster” bird feeder (but “squirrel buster” doesn’t work). ~~ $5.00
Two separate Bluebird Houses for sale.
One is year-old house on new Erva wrought-iron stake. ~~ $35.00 or make offer
One is year-old house on pipe cemented in weighted base. Move it around; try it in several places to attract a Bluebird couple. ~~ $10.00 or make offer
Point of interest: I have been blessed with a Bluebird couple for two years. They have created three nests each season. It has been such a joy to watch them. Such a joy, in fact, I mounted a spy camera in the Bluebird house so I could watch the activity inside the bird house!! Details of the latest nest can be read on my blog.
Two separate Sweet Potato plants.
One still in hanging basket from Youth Plant Sale in May. ~~ Free
One transplanted to larger new plastic planter and sitting on top of black wrought-iron 23” tall plant stand. ~~ $20. or make offer

Sweet Potato Vine in a large Little Tyke white heavy-duty plastic toy box.

Two Sweet Potato Vines from Youth Sale in May transplanted to larger planter.The “toy box” is an excellent large planter!! Use it next year for a “raised garden”?? ~~ $20.00 or make offer
Yellow blooms on Lantana (from Youth Plant Sale). Transplanted to large heavy-duty plastic planter with heavy chains so an attractive hanging plant.  ~~ $20. or make offer
Blooming, pink Zinnias in a fairly large plastic planter. ~~ $8.
Blooming yellow Calibrachoa (Miracle Bells) in large white planter. ~~ $10.
Two sickly Fuchsia plants need a new home. (Earlier 2013 purchases.) I must have a “brown thumb” regarding Fuchsia!! One in a planter. Bring your own container for other.

Free plants!!

Homemade, unique A-Frame for hanging planters 52” wide x 32” tall. Two hanging planters with Verbena, one red and one purple. Verbena is perennial and these established plants could give you years of pleasure. Third matching planter has Carolina Jasmine (likewise a perennial). You’re not confined to these planters; be creative and hang your choice of plants/planters from the framework. ~~ Take all for $25. or make offer.
Fisher Price child-size plastic picnic table with attached bench seats. I’ve used it for a plant stand. It is sun-faded but sturdy and serviceable for plant stand or for the children in their play area. ~~ $10. or make offer.
Patio-umbrella base (fill with water or sand) ~~ $10.
Owl to scare critters out of the garden, on a free-standing base ~~ $20.
Lots of FREE planters. Many small nursery-type planters but some colorful containers (not planters) I thought would accommodate plants–or bulbs for Spring daffodils.
Ever need more faucets so you can run several garden hoses to your plants?? Try this brass “manifold”attached to a sturdy post that can be moved around.  Homemade with large Christmas tree stand (base) and upright 2×4’s. ~~ $20.
Baby-bed bed-springs (50” x 26”) that I’ve used for a trellis. ~~ $5. ~~ but I’d like to keep it until I tear down the Scarlet Runner Beans that are growing on it.
PVC-pipe (65” x 48”) trellis ~~ $5. ~~ but I’d like to keep it until I tear down the Scarlet Runner Beans that are growing on it.
Two “fan-shape” trellis, one is plastic, one is wood. Size: 72” tall x 32” wide at top of fan. ~~ $10. each ~~ but I’d like to keep them until I tear out the Cypress Vine that is growing on it.
Unique galvanized-pipe framework that I used to support Topsy-Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planters (but you can hang baskets of flowers). The upright pipes are cemented into 5-gallon paint pails so extremely sturdy. Size: 74” tall x 54” wide. It can be disassembled for moving. ~~ $25. ~~ but I’d like to keep it until I tear down the Mandavilla that is climbing on it.
Garden fountain, bird-bath, with two-tier plastic basins on black wrought-iron base, recirculates water via an electric pump. ~~ $35.
The Fisher-Price plastic children’s picnic table is still looking for a new home. I’ve used it for a plant stand. Faded in color but sturdy. ~~ $8.
Blooming Phlox in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. Daffodil bulbs in the planter, too, for Spring blooms. ~~ $25.
Blooming light pink Calibrachoa (Miracle Bells) in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Blooming bright pink Calibrachoa (Miracle Bells) in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Blooming (but dying) Nasturtium in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Blooming Bonfire (red) Salvia in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Blooming purple Salvia in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Phlox, Miracle Bells and Salvia (in above planters) are perennial so the plant will “winter over” and give you beautiful flowers next year.
Struggling tomato plant in large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $25.
Blooming variety of flowers in medium-size heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter. ~~ $20.
Unknown plant with blooming white flowers in attractive medium-size heavy duty plastic brown planter. ~~ $20.

Matching (above) attractive medium-size heavy-duty plastic brown planter has blooming yellow Lantana and hangs from heavy-duty chains. Quite heavy so I have

it hanging from a tree limb. ~~ $20.

My pride-and-joy is an attractive home-made creation. Large heavy-duty plastic simulated whiskey barrel planter (base) with black galvanized-pipe cemented into

the center of the base. Begonias are blooming beautifully in the whiskey barrel planter (base)!! Near top of wrought-iron pipe are four “arms” that support four hanging baskets with blooming Nasturtiums. On top is an attractive green recycled-plastic made-in-America Bluebird house. (The first Bluebird house I purchased but found that Bluebirds do not adopt plastic!!)  This attractive planter can be disassembled for moving. ~~ $100.
Beautiful blooming red Mandavilla in white five-gallon pail. Mandavilla is perennial so the plant will “winter over” and give you beautiful flowers next year. ~~ $25.
Beautiful blooming pink Mandavilla in large green plastic planter. Mandavilla is perennial so the plant will “winter over” and give you beautiful flowers next year. ~~ $25.
Free garden planters. Some are Nursery containers; some are store-bought.
Free Scarlet Runner Bean seeds. Hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers. You can eat the beans!!
Free Cardinal Climber seeds
Free Birds & Blooms magazines
Free Organic Seed Starting Mix (about one-half of a ten quart bag)
Free slightly-used Citronella candle to discourage mosquitoes

Free salt lick brick for the deer
$1. per package (never opened) Watering cones, 6 piece per package ~~ I have a lot of liter bottles FREE with watering cones.
$1. Purina, Rabbit Chow (brand) Rabbit pellets — approx. 4 pounds
$2. each for two Christmas Cactus plants.
$2. Weather stripping, new, in the package
$2. Ortho Dial n Spray Multi-use hose-end sprayer, used
$2. Dog stake-out post, used, green
$4. Dog stake-out post, new, never used, green
$5. for one-gallon container of Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer.
$5. for one-gallon container of Harris Stink Bug Killer (and Kudzo Bug killer)
$5. for one roll of Dupont Weed Free Fabric — 3′ x 100′
$5. Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird mix (seeds, mulch, fertilizer all-in-one) approx. 4 pounds in gallon-size plastic container
$5. Leaf Rake
$5. Spade
$8. Outdoor 3-outlet Power Stake
$8. Fountain pump, new unused, still in package
$10. Soaker Hose, flat, 50 feet long ~~ never used
$10. Garage tool storage kit, 20 piece hook hangers ~~ never used, still in package
$15. “Brooder Lamp” and 100 watt Plant Grow bulb and extra 60 watt grow bulb ~~ I used in the winter over my seedlings, and only slightly used.

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