Recent project !!

Preparing a support

PVC pipe support

Drilled hole for hook (1)

Hook screwed into wood (1)

Drilled hole for hook (2)

Hook screwed into wood (2)

PVC pipe support (2)

Two supports displayed


Sun screen will be hung laterIn a few months, southeast Texas blistering heat will scorch every living thing. My veggie garden suffered last summer!! I’m preparing a framework for the shade screen–to shelter my Garden Tower. ~~ First, we prepared a concrete slab so the Garden Tower would have morning sunshine. Now, I created the framework for afternoon shade. (My helper too busy to assist.) My intention: Something temporary. ~~ FYI: Other than shade screen, very little expense; I had the vertical pipes set in cement base, long PVC pipe for horizontal frame, and zip ties.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trial and error“Yours truly” is obsessive compulsive. I was eager to climb the ladder and attempt to attach the shade cloth.


Taking shape

Looking south

Thank goodness for zip ties

Zip tie


From the kitchen windowI anticipate there will be modifications. Many of my projects are “trial and error.” ~~ I’m grateful this quirky project came to fruition.





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