Mild and Wild !!

Subtitle: Rockin’ and rollin’ (again).

The wind has been whipping the awning. The wind chimes are a delightful concert. The trailer has been “rockin’ and rollin’.” I’m wide awake and ready to comment on our current weather. “Mild”: very little rain; “wild” winds. ~~ The TV weatherman says a threat of tornadoes has diminished but we have “straight line” wind. His map says Livingston is experiencing twelve-mile per hour “sustained” wind. Below my pictures, a copy of local conditions from two Internet locations. Gusts thirty-one miles per hour. ~~ Check my earlier Rockin’ and Rollin’ blog message.

Indoor and outdoor temperature at five

Outdoor temperature at five

Livingston, TX
Sunday 6:00 AM
Light Rain Showers
72°F | °C
Precipitation: 52%
Humidity: 89%
Wind: 19 mph


Livingston, TX (77351) Weather
Significant Weather Advisory
Observation as of 6:25 am CST
mostly cloudy-night
Feels Like 72°
Showers in the Vicinity
Wind SSE 18 mph Gusts 31 mph
Humidity 89% Dew Point 68°F Pressure 29.66 in
Visibility 8.0 mi UV Index 0 out of 10

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at eight-thirty

Ladder was toppled

8:30 Update: I stood on the steps outside my door and took telephoto pictures (because raining hard now). The ladder was actually in a protected area behind my trailer so the wind (or wind gust) was strong enough to push it over. Likewise, the base of the garden flag pole had two heavy weights.

Poinsettia garden flag

Garden flag was toppled

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at noon

Temperature at three-thirty

Two inches in rain gaugePostscript at 4:00 PM: Gloomy, rainy day. Where it rained, it poured!! I was “out” a couple of times–wearing a raincoat, rubber shoes and carrying my umbrella.

One comment on “Mild and Wild !!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    I went up to Portland earlier this week to pick Pearl and the baby up at the airport and though I have lived and logged numerous times down through the years and am far more knowledgeable than most about her position in the heart of the northern hemisphere’s only temperate rain Forrest, I have never seen it rain (the storm now over you) so hard. If we had taken her mother’s little Kia rather than my four wheel drive work van we would have been swamped.

    I had thought to call today, and may, but you appear to have things well in hand, and what news I have is unpleasant enough to wait. Pearl and Brooklyn are home from Alaska, and with Justin and the Boyz we will call you on or before the solstice. If your phone or laptop is video capable, download and install Skype and we can make it a face to face call.


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