“Rome wasn’t built in a day”…

…neither Lorraine’s garden!!

Chair for the planterI deliberately planned to NOT work in the garden today. I’m tired; I have aches and pains!! However, David stopped by briefly (en route to another CARE resident job site) and promptly dropped the awning support to a perpendicular position. Then he adjusted the other corner of the awning for the appropriate “dip” for rain water runoff. Therefore, I was obliged (gratefully so) to position the rain barrels and move the mosquito plants/planters. I am very happy with the appearance at that end of the cement block patio.  ~~ Since moving the rain barrels (from original location), I see the cement blocks are not level in that area. There’s another (unpleasant) project for me!! I’m not eager to lift the thirty-seven pound blocks (time and time again) to get more soil under them!!!!

Pleasant morning

Yesterday, chair planter

Cropped Don't bump your head

Perpendicular awning support

Perpendicular awning support (2)

Repositioned rain barrels

Rug line

Homegrown peppers

Hot and humid at four

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