“One hand washes the other.”

Have you heard that old saying?? Remember my blog message about Lorraine’s a winner? I was given large planters–but they were full of soil more than two years old. I want to start my new plants in fresh soil. David needs limbs, dirt, weeds, and pine needles for landfill on his property. “We” borrowed the utility trailer from another CARE resident; “we” picked up several planters at the original location. Then back to “my place” to load the previously relocated planters plus limbs, bags of weeds and pine needles. ~~ Oh, no!!  We hoped it would not rain because David wants to finish the deck and ramp project today. It rained HARD, followed by sunshine. However, at four o’clock we have extremely HARD rain!! ~~ Now four-thirty (prior to publishing this message) and the rain has stopped and sun is shining. Yo-yo weather!!

All will go to David's landfill

Loading the trailer

A few limbs too

For David, a prize load

Don't want to be stopped by law enfocement

Starting to rain

Raining hard



Very hard rainAnother old saying: “Rain and the sun is shining, rain this time tomorrow.” ~~ I grew up hearing every old saying imaginable. My mother probably grew up hearing them from her mother.

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