Stuck on “S”

“Sunshine” (and cool)!! Preparing for a “Shelter.”


Sorting by sizes and suitability

Getting started

First “Secure” (secured from a friend); second “Survey” (to find those that are usable). I’m “Satisfied” the “Sizes” are “Suitable” for my proposed “Shelter.” Mine will be “Stubby”  but “Similar” to the car port canopy pictured. ~~ We’ll “Saw” the bent and broken pieces to a “Satisfactory” length. I’ll mix cement in a pail, insert a “short section” of pipe, and create a piling. Eventually, when assembled, we’ll use my large camouflage tarp for the cover–draping to the ground. Nothing permanent about this project; it will come down faster than it went up!! 


Carport canopyI cannot tell a lie; my “shelter” may NOT resemble the car port pictured. David and I may need to do some improvising. Using “scrap” materials requires creativity.

Did you read my blog message titled Busy, busy?


Moved the pipe

Moved the landfill stuffPostscript, 7:00 PM: “Sorry.” (What else could I say?) David has been “Superman” on recent projects. He will transport the old soil, leaves, pine needles, etc., etc., to his home for landfill. Another day or two; what’s the problem? I returned three large bags of pine needles (per her request) to the area at the rear of neighbor lady’s yard. “Oops, I thought I was doing a favor raking them up.”

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