One bread crumb at a time ?!

Pulling hair outI can’t tear myself away from the computer; I’m tearing my hair out in frustration!! I’ve spent days researching (on the Internet)… and only found a couple of valuable statistics. Confused ladyWith billions of records; with perfectly accessible Census information; with beautiful cross-referencing of data WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE DIFFICULT TO DOCUMENT?? ~~ This is reminiscent of the years I spent researching, documenting, and publishing my FRANTZ maiden name. I wouldn’t take time to eat. For example: It’s almost three-thirty and I’m still in my pajamas. Yes, I’ve been “at it” since about six. No, I haven’t worked in the yard; the feeders are probably empty; the fountain needs fresh water.

Temperature at three-twentyNo, I didn’t go to the CARE dining room. I rarely eat meat and I don’t eat sausage (on the menu today). ~~ FYI: The air-conditioner is working fine!! My trailer home is very comfortable compared to the outdoor temperature.

Temperature at four-eighteen

Temperature at five-eighteen

Temperature at six-eighteen

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