Faux pas !!

Smiley face angry with two thumbs down

Spilled bird seed

Temperature at one

Faux pas.

Because the “landlady” failed to close the door to the storage building (last night), some little critter(s) got into the bags of bird seed. So-o-o, in 97 degrees temperature, I had to clean up the mess.

Nothing accomplished this morning because many CARE residents took a First Aid class. (Several months ago, I took the CPR training.) Even before the current class, I reviewed–and refreshed–my large collection of first aid supplies. Furthermore, I’ve packed a “stuff bag” with a blanket, small pillow, towel, and toiletries. A third bag has the emergency radio, and emergency flashlight. I hope, and pray, I’m not having a premonition of a hurricane in our area.

First aid and CPR trained

First aid kit

First aid stuff bag

Emergency flash light

Emergency radio in orange

Emergency planning

Emergency what if

Organize jigsaw puzzle pieces

Emergency back pack

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