“Did you read the book?”

During interviews, a dear old gentleman named Dr. Eby often said “Did you read the book?” He was referring to the Bible. I thought of him, and his statement, when I read the manual for the air-conditioner.

Indoor-outdoor temperatureBlank screenMy air-conditioner manual said to push a small sharp object into a reset hole after installing new batteries. So I did… and think it improved the operation of the remote control. Having that success, I checked for an obscure little hole in battery compartment of my indoor/outdoor thermometer weather station. My “sharp object” is a long, skinny “finish” nail. Almost immediately, the long-time blank area for outdoor temperature appeared. (Blank since I replaced batteries.) Hallelujah!! (When all else fails, read the manual.)

Outdoor temp at eight-forty

Outdoor temp at ten-eleven

Remote sensor

I worked briefly in the garden but was forced indoors by the heat and humidity. “Yes, 96 degrees in the sunshine.”

I’ve been frustrated by lack of outdoor weather information. I’ve “looked” at a possible replacement but considered it a frivolous expense and did not purchase.

Time and temperature

Time and temperature at five

Actual temp at five-fifteen

Feels like at five-sixteen

One comment on ““Did you read the book?”

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Well, yes, I have, several times. But you knew that, and is an whole ‘nuther ball game.

    Just had a couple of weeks of hundred plus here, earlier than it’s even been each year.

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