Bleeding heart !!

Last night, I spent hours on eBay composing and eventually listing my beloved T@B teardrop trailer for sale.

I don’t have moneyTaB trailer to travel; it’s a shame to let the trailer sit there and deteriorate!!

Of course, advertising it on eBay is no guarantee that it will sell. But I finally took a step in that direction. 

Remember my several blog messages about TracFone Nightmare? Well, I’ve had a Yahoo Nightmare. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to get to the T@B Forum Marketplace. I’ve spent HOURS on the Internet the last few days (too hot to be outdoors). I planned to advertise the trailer on the site where (conceivably) interested individuals would shop.

Remember my several blog messages about the spy camera in the Bluebird house?? Yesterday, I attached the lead-in to my TV so I could watch the new House Sparrow babies. The television message: “No signal.” Obviously, I’m not going to disturb the nest to adjust the camera.

The heat is miserable!! This is not a very enjoyable week!! It started poorly–last Sunday–when I opened Pandora’s Box. Missing Little George Havens Cowboy Camp Meeting makes me depressed!! (See where I’m coming from when I titled this “Bleeding Heart”??)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bleeding heart with bandageConfession: I wrote most of the above last night. I was emotional and could not sleep. However, it is two PM and message not yet published. Actually, I am “home” for the first time since eight o’clock. It has been a strange day and I’ve psychoanalyzed my actions as a way to comfort my bleeding heart: “Don’t think about the eBay listing.” First: Pancake breakfast in the CARE Center Dining Room (and I rarely “do” pancake breakfast). Second: Walk to the residence in the RV Park where an auction was to be held. I spent time looking and taking pictures. Left early; did not buy anything. Third: Met an RV’er on my return and visited with him for half-an-hour. Back in the area with CARE resident residences, I stopped to talk with one man who was washing his truck, followed by a visit with a lady about her plants. Fourth: Visit with volunteers inside the CARE Center when I stopped for a cup of coffee. By then, it was 11:30 and a friend (from the RV Park) came in (for lunch). She had a gift for me: A wonderful heavy-duty brass nozzle for the end of the garden hose. (I didn’t tell her I already had half-a-dozen [plastic].) Fifth: I actually got excited over the quality of the nozzle and rushed home to try it out. Wow!! The “power” spray is awesome!! I quickly hosed the debris off the patio and sidewalk, and filled the fountain with fresh water. Sixth: Lunch… and lingered in conversation. Seventh: Home at two.

Actually, it is cooler today (but still hot and humid) and I should drive to my storage unit and pick up the original T@B table and swap it out for the smaller plastic table. But, better wait (procrastinate) until early morning when it isn’t so hot!! The outdoor thermometer says ninety degrees but (here in Texas) they add eight or nine more degrees for “feels like….”

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