Rare experience !!

Twenty-four hours without rain!! “We’ll remain dry for the rest of the morning” according to the local TV meteorologist (at 6:50).

Weak or No Signal TV messageWe have the NBC Today Show for the first time in several days and were able to see news of disasters in Oklahoma–and other locations in Texas. (For three days, the Houston station had continuous coverage of historic flooding in our area.) ~~ That’s an editorial “we”… and viewing TV is sporadic because atmospheric conditions are limiting reception.

Because the ground is so saturated… we have fog. No sunshine yet (7:40).

Blue bird praying our fatherTime to venture out and fill bird feeders?! ~~ Let’s continue to pray for all the families suffering from weather disasters.

Postscript, 11:00 AM: Hummingbird feeders have a refill–and I just prepared more nectar. Bluebird feeder has fresh mealworms–and the Bluebirds are carrying them to their babies. ~~ A busy morning because weeds also demanded my attention!!

Time and temperature

Bluebird on top of bird house

Bluebird on feeder

The feeder (below) was full to the top a couple of hours earlier. The birds empty this feeder in just one day!! ~~ OMG, “Rosemary” is sick or dying!! She was fine less than two weeks ago!! Too much water?? A sister Rosemary is doing fine.

Bird feeder

Rosemary looking good in early May.

Rosemary looking good in early May.

Rosemary dead or dying in late May.

Rosemary dead or dying in late May.

Rosemary is dead or dying

Rosemary is doing fine

Postscript, 3:30 PM: Yesterday I mentioned “challenges.” Today I have one of a different kind: Ants!! No pictures because the nemeses is extremely tiny. They found the Hummingbird nectar while it was cooling before going into the refrigerator. Pretty soon my refrigerator will be too small because I have to keep the sugar there, and the granola cereal, and raisins, etc., etc.

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