Sweater morning; sweat afternoon !!

Depressing weather!! Around-the-clock local news; NBC Today Show preempted again. I’m weary of all the bad weather news but can’t/won’t turn off the TV. (Truthfully, I’m physically sick as I project myself into the scene.) It’s eight o’clock as I publish this. I haven’t ventured out for the rain gauges yet.

Early morning weather news

Standing water

High temps for today


Temperature at six-forty

Nine-thirty follow-up with more pictures. (Too much “weather”; I caught cold.)

Rain gauge in broad view

Rain gauge (2)

Rain gauge (1)

Standing water

Drain isn't draining

Bless this garden flag

Temperature at eleven-fifteenFYI (eleven-fifteen): About nine-thirty, I turned off the TV and put on a CD with uplifting music. I was having chills so went back to bed–but still cold. About ten-thirty, I took a long hot shower so I could “get warm.”

Feeling better at 11:15.

The ground is so saturated the water just “sits.”

Standing water (1)

Standing water (2)

One comment on “Sweater morning; sweat afternoon !!

  1. Christine says:

    Hi, I having trouble dialing your phone so please call me. Hope your alright. Love C

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