One track mind !!

Just “touching base.”  I’ve been working on the blog messages about my recent travels. I’m obsessivecompulsive!! Yesterday an anticipated package arrived and I quickly began to assemble the various parts. It didn’t take long. Then I attached the antenna and PVC-pipe temporarily to the ladder. I was anxious to install the software and see if I could receive a free WiFi signal from the CARE Center. Oh, joy!! Yes, I am receiving a signal!! Time will tell whether I’ll be able to download and upload pictures–and work on my blog messages.  This morning (Sunday) was fine because no personnel working (on computers) in the CARE Center and few (if any) residents using WiFi inside the Center. Today I had the luxury of staying in my pajamas until noon. Between downloads, I could move around my big trailer (versus the tiny T@B teardrop trailer) and do minor tasks. Truthfully, much to be done and I’ll have to take a break from blogs to do laundry–and tidy the cluttered trailer(s). The plants need watering–here and inside the Center. I need to shop for groceries!! ~~ Look at the outside temperature; picture taken a few minutes ago. Time and temperature WiFi antenna Attaching WiFi antenna to PVC pipe Antenna up on ladder Temporary base Smiley face two thumbs up


Postscript: Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 10:00 AM: I’ve just spent over four hours preparing the message for Thursday, June 26th. It takes so-o-o-o much time to check each picture before inserting it in the blog. I’m “driven”; I can’t stop; I’m anxious to get each message completed and published. I’m doing well (don’t you think?) because a wealth of information has already been published. I’ve been home less than one week!! I shopped yesterday for groceries, and hose clamps (at Lowe’s) to secure the PVC-pipe to the ladder. I haven’t done laundry. Smiley face with moneyFYI: The items I purchased from Rokland are very good (IMHO). I’m getting a very good signal so I’ll be able to discontinue the Verizon “Hot Spot” and save over $50. per month. I’m not a computer geek so I haven’t an answer to my question “Why do I have a better signal in my trailer versus physically sitting in CARE Center?”  OK, OK, I suspect I have less WiFi antenna strength built into my laptop. The Yagi has much more. (Nobody told me; I figured that out by myself.) 9:00 PM and I finished, and published, Friday, June 27th. All day on the computer. My eyes are weary!!


HallelujahPostscript: Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 9:45 PM. Gratefully, I just completed the Camp Meeting blog messages.


Yagi antenna on top of PVC-pipe


PVC-pipe to support Yagi antennaPostscript: Sunday, July 13, 2014, 10:45 AM. The completed project. Neat and sturdy!!

One comment on “One track mind !!

  1. Deb says:

    I hope it works of what you need; don’t be afraid to call and talk to them if you have any issues.

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