“No rest for the wicked”

…my mother often told me!! Smiley face emotion sadThis Sunday morning I transplanted the neglected Marigolds (leftover from a purchase several weeks ago). I cleaned bird feeders because the feed got wet and was a soggy lump in the bottom. The Nature’s Head received a preliminary cleaning; thorough cleaning to follow. I “stole” the cement base for the fountain from the “discards” and junk in the Maintenance Yard. Rain water was used to water the Petunias. I’ll never again use coco fiber for hanging baskets (in Texas) because the soil dries out quickly. See my tomatoes? Look at the cucumbers grow–and Asian Lily will bloom soon. The Calibrachoa has recovered and is my delight. The composter is manufacturing wonderful earth for my planters (and most recently in the bottom of Marigold planter with commercially packaged soil). Tomorrow I’ll use some of the new-purchase cleaning products in the T@B. Later, I’ll vacuum the upholstery with the Electrolux LittleLuxII purchased yesterday at Habitat thrift store. Marigolds Cleaning bird feeders Cleaning Nature's Head (1) Cleaning Nature's Head (2) Cement base for fountain Rain water for the plants Rain water for Petunias Tomatoes Cucumbers & Asian Lily Calibrachoa Rich compost Small vacuum Cleaning products


Smiley face with fanEighty-six degrees at 3:45 PM.; hot and humid.

Seventy-nine degrees inside at 10:40 PM; too hot, can’t sleep!! Windows are open and Casablanca Fan is spinning on high.

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