VHS “junkie”

VHS tapeThere are hundreds of VHS-tapes at the local Habitat for Humanity thrift shop (for sale for ten cents each). I’ve worked there each Saturday and regularly bring several home (and return them the following Saturday). Earlier this week, I watched The Doctor and really liked it. Last night I watched Patch Adams and loved it. I’ve never been fond of Robin Williams but I think he played the role admirably. Both The Doctor and Patch Adams have story lines that parallel my belief that allopathic medicine needs to be “more humane.”

What will I watch tonight??  African Queen, Charade, Erin Brockovich, Little Women, Riverdance, Split Infinity, State Fair, The Last of the Mohicans, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, or While You Were Sleeping?? OK, decision made: Little Women. ~~ I’ve never seen any of them!! I rarely go to movie theaters; I’ve never had Turner Broadcasting (et al) for old movie viewing.

I worked from 10 until 3:15 (a customer was lingering) and then shopped Lowe’s for another planter and some cleaning products. I read labels…, I compared products…; I have several new items to try on the mold and mildew. It has been a busy day and I am ready to relax and watch an old VHS-tape movie. Then to bed early because I didn’t sleep much last night.  ~~ (Eighty-one degrees outside at 6:45 PM)

VHS tapesSmiley face winkingP.S. Junkie in the kindest sense of the word (re: Lorraine). “One man’s ‘junk’ is another man’s treasure.”  ~~ Continuing the list:  Field of Dreams, Gigi, Gone With the Wind, In Search of Noah’s Ark, Out of Africa, The Sea Gypsies, World’s Greatest Train Ride: Canada. Furthermore, there are about two dozen travel videos I may bring home: Alaska (been there, love it), Panama Canal (always wanted to go), Norway, The National Parks, Vienna…. ~~ Finances and age may keep me from driving to Alaska but I can still enjoy our big wide wonderful world via VHS (and DVD). ~~ I loved to watch Rick Steves (et al) travel presentations on PBS–when I received free TV with an antenna on the roof. I won’t pay the exorbitant price for Dish or Direct TV (and no “through the air” reception where I live [and no cable] ).


One comment on “VHS “junkie”

  1. Deb says:

    10 cents!!! Wow, that’s the cheapest I’ve ever heard. You sure can’t go wrong for that. I have a stash of VHS tapes, also from thrift stores and garage sales, but you’ve got me beat on finding a deal. Well, I suppose the library is cheaper, but might not have the selection…and you wouldn’t get to help a good cause. Or the satisfaction from the “thrill of the hunt.” It’s fun to find a bargain!

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