Four down…

Round tuitFour empty boxes…and one-hundred-ninety-six (more or less) to go!! That large plastic container was full of “bathroom” items. And this sentimental old lady unpacked the cookbooks and put them in a high cupboard. I believe I packed that box in Lancaster, California, in 2004. I rarely read recipes!! Why am I keeping them?? When I haven’t anything else to do–when I get “a round tuit”–I’ll revisit cupboards and closets and eliminate more things. Right now I need to process each box and make decisions. Empty boxSome… are already destined for the upcoming CARE garage sale. (One hour spent, this morning, in a meeting regarding the event.) ~~ FYI: The VHS player works fine so I correctly connected the cables. ~~ It’s 1:30 PM and I’m ready to drive to the mini-storage for a few more boxes. (Over an hour spent, this afternoon, watering the house plants in the CARE Center.)

Postscript, Tuesday, April 1st, 9:35 AM: I didn’t go to the mini-storage; I watched DVDs on the Blu-Ray player.

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