View from my front window and front door.

Left to right #1


Correction (in the interest of complete honesty):

View from side picture window and only door.


Left to right #2

Left to right #3

Left to right #4


Frequently, I surprise myself!! When I named this blog “Panorama” (and published it at 9:50 AM), I never dreamed I’d have a different panorama before the day was out. This afternoon I shifted boxes around in the mini-storage unit (four miles from my trailer). After numerous previous searches, today I found the box with DVD-VHS player and box with Blu-Ray player.  I returned home with a car-load of things…. Late (late) afternoon I tackled the job of extricating the Samsung television from the latched bracket securing it to the board behind it.Entertainment centerBig screen TV Slowly, one step after another: TV off…, appropriate cables from TV to the two players, all electric cords and cables appropriately labeled. I inserted the Free Willy DVD and pressed the “power” buttons. Suddenly, I had a 26-inch (diagonal) picture that took my breath away!! I’ve been watching DVDs on the 9-inch (diagonal) screen Sony player. It’s 10:00 PM and I’ve “frittered” away several hours watching The Pretender DVD. The living room/dining room/ kitchen is cluttered with boxes; I have clean laundry to put away before I can climb into bed (three loads this morning). ~~ I’m delighted with my accomplishment; just wanted to share. (Note tiny Sony DVD player on the right just below Samsung TV–just the right size for T@B teardrop trailer travels.)

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