Tracking the seasons from my easy chair !!

There are so many projects I could be working on **BUT ** I was admiring the white blooms and sprinkling of green leaves. I decided it would be nice to document the seasons of that tree as I see it from my window, from my easy chair. (Plus several pictures from the opposite direction.) ~~ Forty-eight degrees, at 12:55, when I took that last picture. A cold gloomy day but better than extreme cold the last several days.

Autumn foliage

Before the Carriage arrived

Snow from front window

Snow in my yard

Snow on KIA & Carriage

Not too unsightly

Squirrel on squirrel-proof bird feeder

Almost Spring

Bright sunny day

One comment on “Tracking the seasons from my easy chair !!

  1. […] An earlier blog suggested I would photograph a tree visible from my easy chair. Pictures taken through that small window to the left of the television cabinet. I’ve been through all my pictures and conclude that my focus was always on “the other side of the trailer”–my garden. ~~ To the right, the subject tree before I had the big trailer–and easy chair. […]

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