Snow !! (part two)

Winter Storm Kronos

On Jan. 23-24, 2014, Winter Storm Kronos brought snow, sleet and freezing rain into parts of central and east Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. We have the storm reports, photos and video from this storm.

Snow Reports

Peak snowfall totals:  4″ in Onalaska, Texas; 3″ in Alexandria, La.; 1.5″ in Natchez, Miss. At least some snow flurries were reported as far south as Harlingen and Port Isabel, Texas.


FYI (Lorraine here): Onalaska, Texas, is only twenty-one  miles from my address in Livingston.

To view the map, click on the link or copy and paste it to your browser:

Furthermore: Alexandria, Louisiana, is approximately 170 miles.

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Snow, Ice Wreak Havoc on Travel in Texas and Louisiana

By Brian Lada, Meteorologist
January 24, 2014; 6:04 PM

A big change is underway in parts of the South as much colder air and a winter storm settle in to close out the week.

A mix of snow, rain and ice will accompany the major temperature swing, bringing the risk of dangerous travel to millions in parts of the South.

During Friday, the storm continued to push eastward along the Gulf coast, reaching the southern portions of Louisiana and Mississippi. Some snow, sleet and freezing rain even reached part of the Florida Panhandle. During the midday hours Friday, temperatures hovered near 26 degrees at Lake Charles, La., with light snow.

Although precipitation from the storm mainly started off as rain Thursday afternoon, this quickly changed over to snow, sleet and freezing rain by nightfall, mainly north of I-10 between Houston and San Antonio.

Precipitation ended for much of Texas by Friday morning, but conditions remain slippery in many areas.

Through Friday night, a bit of sleet and snow will fall along the Gulf coast of Louisiana and the panhandle of Florida. This sleet could create more slippery roads and dangerous travel from Port Arthur, Texas, through New Orleans and into Panama City, Fla.

According to Texas Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski, “Some untreated bridges and overpasses will remain icy through Friday night, since temperatures will hover close to or below the freezing mark.”

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