Wishing you a blessed Jesus’ birthday season !!

December calendar with Love, Peace, Joy Half the month of December is history. I will not have time to prepare cards this year. I considered a Holiday Newsletter but that, too, seems unlikely. Reading my blog is the best way to discover the activities that have kept me extremely busy since late August. Briefly: Decided it was time to leave my volunteer position with JAARS, began to “downsize,” and pack.  I was utterly exhausted because the tasks seemed endless. (“This old lady” had recognized the need to participate in a “caring” community.)

Easy chair on the truckLate September, personal possessions were loaded into a truck and placed in storage. My little T@B teardrop trailer was hitched to the KIA and we three (T@B, KIA & me) headed for Livingston, Texas. (Arrived at the CARE Center on October 8th.) I was immediately recruited to help with the semi-annual “garage sale.” First: pricing; second: sales. I love to shop thrift stores and yard sales; “working” one was a lot of fun.

Lorraine at CAREI didn’t have time to draw a long breath (ha) before I was busy with the numerous activities of CARE volunteers. Too many to list. I’ve been extremely busy for more than two months–and loved every minute!!  What a difference three months makes!! My volunteer job at JAARS was a “do nothing” lack of gratification experience.  My volunteer job at CARE affords dozens of opportunities each day and I know my efforts count.

Christmas NativityI am richly blessed at this precious time of the year: JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. My Heavenly Father provided the gift of a beautiful 2003 trailer for my “until I die” home. It will be moved to my RV site shortly after Christmas. Early in January, or middle of  the month, my personal possessions will be transported from North Carolina to Texas. I’ll then have a major downsizing project because  it will be impossible to get three rooms of things (from the apartment) into the trailer.

My new RV site.My RV site.Truthfully, I think I still have many years of volunteering left in me. I jumped (prematurely?) into CARE residency because I love to garden. The site came available and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to claim it. There is a large open area at one side of my (yet-to-be-delivered) trailer home. I’ll set up bird feeders, bird houses, planters, etc., etc., and return to gardening similar to my backyard in North Carolina. (Perhaps I’ll attract another Bluebird couple?!)

In three short months, CARE residents, volunteers, and staff become “family.” I’ve gained wonderful friends!! There was an awesome Thanksgiving dinner; there will be an awesome Christmas dinner. Christmas stockingsThere are sixty-five stockings hanging in the hall to accommodate cards and small gifts. A hay ride and caroling is planned for one evening; a party and gift exchange for another evening.

To become a “resident” of CARE, I needed a complete physical exam and doctor’s evaluation. She wrote “Extremely healthy for seventy-eight years.”  (I attribute that to my holistic life style.) I came to volunteer; I don’t need the services offered here but that day may come. **If** I need assistance, I’ll be able to call–and receive–help from a staff person, or volunteer. (Sad to say, twenty-seven months as a volunteer at JAARS  and not a soul I could call.)


Dear blog followers: Specifically wishing you a blessed holiday season. Thanks for reading my messages. ~~ This blog was prepared in lieu of a holiday newsletter. I’ll attach a link to this blog–in numerous email messages–so friends and family know where I am and what I’m doing.


CARE Christmas tree

Care signComment: Click on each picture to enlarge it. Click on the links–in red–for additional information.

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