Before the rain….

Mandevilla vine

Mandevilla vine

Mandevilla vine

Hanging baskets

Contain garden


Cypress Vine

Cypress VinePictures taken just prior to “more rain”; two days anticipated. It has been unseasonably wet and there has been tremendous damage in areas near by. My garden has suffered from “too much rain”; far fewer blooms. Today I was compelled to document the Mandevilla Vine climbing the closet organizer. The vine is growing from the white five-gallon pail. I couldn’t stop with three pictures!! #7 & 8 are Cypress Vine–successfully grown this season but a failure last year. Hummingbird with Canon.My plants were specifically chosen to attract Hummingbirds. I’m rewarded with many!!  (6:30 PM: Finally made progress transferring from Canon to blog. ~~ Challenges!!)

Lorraine in her backyard garden.

Cynthia visits Lorraine's backyard garden.12 noon: Goody, goody, I had a visitor!! I’m delighted when someone is interested in my garden!! When Cynthia wanted pictures with her smart phone, it provided the opportunity for pictures with my camera. (When was the last time you saw a picture of me??)

One comment on “Before the rain….

  1. Mil says:

    love to see a picture of you!!

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