Challenges !!

Test picture with Samsung camera.It’s 12:30 noon as I start building this blog. I want comparisons between the old Samsung and new Canon. Also comparison images, between cameras, of Bluebird babies photographed from the new television set. True story: I spent the entire morning working with my two new electronics!! Had I studied the manual last night, I would have charged the battery. When I attempted to install information between Canon and my laptop computer, the battery needed to be installed and Canon turned on. It was a curious “wait” and “start” morning.  Between applications, I read the manuals for the camera and new TV.  Furthermore, I switched the antenna lead-in from older TV to new TV hoping to improve image quality of the Bluebird nest. It took over an hour while it automatically set up the channels. The picture looks good with my “going into retirement” Samsung camera. Next I’ll learn how to get images off the Canon and on the blog. Preliminary assessment: Poor picture quality from Hawk Eye Camera to new TV set.  ~~  Stay tuned?!  ~~


Test picture from Canon camera

Good grief; this is as complicated as a Rubik’s Cube!! It’s 1:30 and I finally figured out how to get images off the Canon and available for this blog. 1:45 and I can’t find the downloaded images!! 2:00 PM: Lost is found (but I’m not sure how to retrace my steps). When I decided to name this blog “challenges,” I didn’t envision the depth of that statement. ~~ OK, Canon image is sharper!

We’ve had a brief rain storm the last hour. Current outdoor temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees. I’m not “sweating” my projects (big grin).


3:00 PM and a decision has been made. Sansui TV is going back to BJ’s. I just switched the Bluebird camera connection back to the Vizio TV and the image literally jumped off the screen at me. It’s that good!!  ~~  Really hard rain at this moment!!


6:00 PM: I stumbled on a PBS program (at 5:30) that I thoroughly enjoyed!! The Wild Photo Adventures host was talking camera language I didn’t comprehend. I’m going to make a note (physically made a note) to follow that program.  My new Canon has features I’ve never used–but would like to learn.

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