Baby News — Day Seventeen

Home Tweet HomeBaby Bluebirds in the nest.

Bluebird house in the rain.Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 9:30 AM: Feathers are predominant in pictures of the baby Bluebirds in the nest. It must be very crowded but I must refrain from opening the door to take a picture. The “authorities” caution us to not open after day thirteen for fear a baby might fledge prematurely. I’ve anticipated they might fledge but (as I monitor the nest) I think all four are still in the bird house. MaOver one inch of and Papa Blue may not encourage them to depart today because it is raining. We’ve had several hours of rain and my gauge indicates four-fifths inch accumulated. 

11:00 and we’ve had over one-and-two-fifths inches of rain–and much heavier now versus picture (taken at 10:30) from my front porch.

Bluebird house with "view" door open.

Ladder to Bluebird House12 noon: It was still sprinkling rain when I set up the ladder and attempted to see the Bluebird babies. A feature of the Ultimate Bluebird House: A plastic shield inside one (of two) doors so we can view. I took two pictures and both weren’t worth publishing. It was similar to taking a flash picture into a mirror!! See rain drops on the camera lens?

6:00 PM: Another four-fifths inch of rain in the gauge when I returned home after work.

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