Baby News — Day Eighteen

Bluebird babies in the nest.Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 9:00 AM: Status quo. Specifically, the nest remains the same. (No rain.)

12:00 noon: The “parents” (below) were attentive and protective!! The surrogate grandmother (me) sat on the patio hoping to see a baby fledge. (Took dozens of pictures.) I felt compelled to check the nest but was cautious and quick!!

Papa Bluebird feeding the babies.

Mama & Papa Bluebird

Impossible to see in the nest.

Baby Bluebirds in the nest at noon.

5:20 PM: As soon as I got home from my volunteer job, I checked the image on the TV and found the babies are gone!! So I climbed the ladder for the picture of the empty nest.

crying smiley faceThe babies departed between noon & 5.Baby Bluebirds have flown the nest.

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