Oh, extremely happy day !!

Mama Bluebird is building a new nest

Rain gauge

Rain gauge

Tilting tomato planter

Tilting tomato planter

Repair of tilting tomato planterActually Monday, July 1, 2013 because I want this to follow Counting my blessings!! Why?? Continuity of message.

We had rain almost all night. The gauge shows over 2 inches.  Very wet soil gave me Topsy-Turvy tomato plants (ha).  No worry!! Repair was simple (because I have an area behind the air conditioner with wide variety of “maybe I’ll need this some day” stuff).

Working with the tomato planter, I discovered long-leaf pine needles on the ground under the Bluebird house. That’s an obvious sign that Mama Blue is building a new nest. Oh, extremely happy day!!

Our local TV weatherman says 70% chance of rain today–and similar for next two days. Obviously, I won’t spend much time in the gardens.

Sad note: Nineteen firemen perished in a fire near Yarnell, Arizona.  I know Yarnell because (twice) I’ve visited The Way of the Cross and Garden of Gethsemane.

Papa Blue

"Mama Blue" inside Bluebird houseLater: I waited an hour for the picture far left.  “Mama Blue” was there, too, with a twig in her beak.  I missed the shot!! She flew into the bird house.  I’ll keep watching because “I love my Bluebirds!!”

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