Counting my blessings !!


Rain gauge

Rain gauge

Sweet Pea vines

First Sweet PeasFriends and family are baking in extremely rare weather conditions–in Arizona, California and Nevada.  I’m not “baking”; I’m “steaming.”  Eighty-five degrees doesn’t look too bad does it?  The humidity is high!!  Foolishly, I was working in the garden and dripping perspiration.  Shortly after 12 noon we had another of the daily thunderstorms.  We received four-fifths inch of rain in less than one hour. During the downpour it was refreshingly cool; I sat on the front porch and enjoyed every minute.  The storm passed and the sun came out.   Whew!!

The soil was soaked so an ideal time to pull weeds.  Then, spontaneously, I decided to transplant a pink rose-bush from the yard of the vacant apartment.  Not the best time of year to transplant roses but I feel compelled to save as many plants as I can.  Even with heavy red clay soil, digging was surprisingly easy.  It went into “Pandora’s Garden,” close to a beautiful red rose.  In due time, a beautiful yellow rose will join the others in an area I’ll cultivate specifically for roses.

Picture #1: Eighty-five degrees at 3:44 PM.  #2 & 3, rain water in the gauge.  #4, rain gauge is adjacent to the dog fence” trellis with Sweet Pea vines.  #5, my first Sweet Pea flowers.  The Sweet Peas vines were so slow-growing, I wondered if they would ever bloom!!

Below, #6 shows the transplanted rose-bush (one-third the size of a few hours earlier).  #7, 8, 9 & 10 are Gladiolus that will eventually be gathered into one area.  (Why were plants originally deposited hodge-podge in the garden??)

Transplanted pink rose-bush


Gladiolus to be transplanted

Gladiolus to be transplanted

Gladiolus to be transplanted

70 degreesPostscript, 7:00 PM: Thunderstorms were back with a vengeance, at 6 o’clock. The temperature quickly cooled. A Charlotte TV weatherman reported this will last until 10 or 11 “or all night.”  One community less than ten miles from me experienced 4 inches of rain in one hour. Generally, all areas are receiving 2 inches per hour.

ThermometerAt the top, I said I’m counting my blessings!! ~~ Needles, California registered 123 degrees; Pasadena, California, 90 degrees; Boise, Idaho, 101 degrees; Phoenix, Arizona, 114 degrees. I couldn’t write the names and numbers fast enough..  ~~  I just checked (via the Internet) and Lancaster, California, is 114 degrees at this very minute (4:00 PM Pacific time).  I lived in the Lancaster, California, area for over 40 years and cannot remember it ever being that hot before.

Rain off the roof

Rain off the roofBack again, 7:50 PM: Look at the rain pouring off the eave.  So much water, the drain spout can’t accommodate all!!  I thought I’d step out in the yard for another (better?) picture but quickly changed my mind.

One comment on “Counting my blessings !!

  1. Deb says:

    Quite a difference from that empty looking pile of dirt you inherited! The Sweet Peas were worth the wait; they are beautiful!

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