Visiting I-TEC

I’ve never been a fan of Disney World, Disney Land, and similar amusement parks.  I get a thrill visiting places like I-TEC near Dunnellon, Florida (near Ocala). I came to visit a friend and help him celebrate his 82nd birthday.  (He’s a volunteer at I-TEC but we met at JAARS.)  Second: I wanted to see “the flying car.”  ~~  Pictures according to content, not by time-stamp.

At the entrance.

The main building.

I-TEC sign on main building.

– – –

Waiting, and watching, for me.

Waiting, and watching, for me.

My "escort."

– – –

"The Flying Car"

"The Flying Car"

Technology beyond our comprehension.

– – –

Look at that propellar.

Subaru engine

Basic black.

– – –

Basic black (and blue).

I-TEC sign at the hanger.

I-TEC's hanger.

– – –

An early (retired) model.

A museum piece.

Used by I-TEC.

– – –

Repaired by I-TEC and for sale.

A medical doctor serving in Eqcudor.


– – –

Portable dental chair / table.

A key player in the drama.

Numerous pictures.

– – –

Numerous pictures.

Newspaper article.

3 comments on “Visiting I-TEC

  1. Deb says:

    Would love to hear more about the Flying Car

  2. Do a Google search and visit the several web sites. It is best to Google the words “I-TEC Steve Saint” (without the quotation marks) because many others with the name ITEC.

  3. […] my blog message Praise God from Whom all Blessing Flow.  ~~  Visit I-TEC through my camera […]

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