Must see !!

Actually, a July 3rd postscript to follow blog message A Gamble.  A friend sent this link to an excellent video.  I’m envious; I wish I had similar pictures of my Bluebird family.  Should I purchase a little camera and install in the Bluebird house??  They exist, you know.  Many months ago, I saw the entire setup at Wild Bird Center but would not / could not justify over $150. expense.  I love my Bluebirds!!  However, “thrifty Lorraine” opted for limited views of the Mama and babies.  Well, my views were so limited I didn’t get a picture of the babies!!  Here’s a thought: See if the Bluebirds continue to visit the mealworm feeder in months to follow; see if they “hang around” this winter.  Perhaps I could count on them to build nests again next year and the purchase of a spy camera would have a tiny bit of merit.  Agree??

Searching the Internet for a spy camera (that might be less expensive than a specialty retail store) I found this website where a camera is in a Bluebird house.  Sadly (for me) the babies had fledged so no activity to watch.  I’ll be checking this website frequently.  A substitute for the expensive purchase. (Too bad we have to listen to a commercial advertisement!!)

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