Road bumps !!

I’ve spent so-o-o-o-o much time preparing donations. I “thought” I had a one o’clock appointment to deliver several boxes to the JAARS Day Care Center–but no answer when I arrived and rang the bell. So-o-o-o-o this is not a happy day. (Bluebirds are gone!) It is 100 degrees as I publish this at 1:15 PM. We are expected to experience several days of “over 100 degrees.” ~~ In the air-conditioned apartment, this afternoon, I’ll continue working on “downsizing.” ~~  FYI: I requested fewer hours at work so I could concentrate on downsizing. Now I have Monday and Friday off. ~~~~~~ Postscript: One-hundred-four degrees at five o’clock!!! This ties the record for the hottest day in Charlotte recorded history. “Feels like 109” per the weather forecaster.

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