No more free speech ?

Old lady Lorraine is “sticking her neck out.” A new slogan by FOX NEWS is “America is watching.” As many of my readers know, I watch FOX NEWS exclusivelyevery day, all day (listening, while “climbing the family tree”). One of my absolute favorites is Tucker Carlson. Yesterday, he was fired. A few days earlier, another program host was fired. Dan Bongino’s program was titled “Unfiltered” and he wasn’t afraid to talk about sensitive subjects. But I digressed… because my heartache is the loss of Tucker Carlson. ~~ As a “conservative,” I admire the people who speak out about America’s horrible state of affairs. “No more free speech?” ~~ On top of my sadness regarding those two men being fired for their statements, the TV news tells me that our incompetent President announced he is running again.

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