A day in the life of Lorraine

Unusual experience: Texas Driver’s License. My card expired a few weeks agoon my birthday. I’m “too old” for automatic renewal. We must have an appointment and this appointment was weeks after I requested it. I was scheduled for 12:20 PM and was seen at 1:30. Gratefully, I was in my cartaking a sigh of reliefat 2:10.  Conservatively, there were fifty or sixty people in the lobby. Observation: “White” is the minority.

Because I was near Walmart, I shopped and it totaled $130.32. Very few groceries, lots of clearance items. Nothing extravagant, nothing expensive. Walmart (cheap) ice cream was my only luxury.

One comment on “A day in the life of Lorraine

  1. Deb says:

    We get Walmart ice cream, too. The other brands have gotten so expensive. Once in awhile I’ll splurge if another brand is BOGO at another store. Glad you treated yourself. The driver’s license office isn’t always a fun place to go, lol.

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