Deja vu “Small business: Ancestry !!”

First thing I do each morning: Check my email messages. I had correspondence from a Frantz researcher. I doublechecked my informationand her information. My memory reflected: “Been there, done that.”  Below is the exact blog message from November 30, 2019.

In my email messages this morning, an inquiry about possible family relationship. So I searched my Ancestry database and I didn’t have her relative. Almost two-thousand individuals with the Frantz surname (in my database) but I didn’t have Otto Adolf Frantz (1859-1945). So I started searching for his family and here I am seven hours later still in my pajamas (and no breakfast or lunch). It is a pleasant eighty degrees outdoors and indoors. I should be outdoors tackling projects!! I found Otto and documented his family. He/they are from a different “tree” but I am always eager to document everyone with the Frantz surname.

Searching for, and documenting individuals takes a lot of time.

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