“It’s a beautiful life”

Yesterday, I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my awesome woman doctor. She listens… and she affirms! I walked out of the clinic, and pharmacy, feeling positive about my future. Next: I dropped off a lot of donated items at Goodwill. Then: Grocery shopping at H.E.B. I’d barely gotten started, I was in the dairy aisle picking up Earth Balance margarine. A man started a conversation with me because he saw the cross I was wearing.

Trust me, the next statement is the gospel truth. I was ready to leave, already out the door (headed for the doctor’s appointment) when I had the thought to wear that “necklace” because (IMHO) it enhanced the skirt and shirt that I was wearing. That inspired the conversation.

The man is inspired by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to walk from state to state sharing the good news of Jesus. We had an extended conversation in the dairy aisle and then we moved because I was chilled to the bone (refrigerated dairy case). The life story is remarkable and I suggested he would be an asset to Chip and Joanna Gaines and their valuable contributions to Waco. Personally, I watch the Magnolia TV network, and I have small knowledge of their Magnolia shopping, and The Silos. For more than three years, I’ve wanted to visit the tourist attraction but I’ve been deathly afraid of Waco traffic. But I boldly asked the long-hair, bearded man, if he would like to go to Magnolia for lunch. “Yes.”

The sleeping bag and backpack were loaded in the back of my KIA–along with our few groceries. I undoubtedly spent an hour driving all over downtown Waco and suburban areas because I only vaguely knew where I was going. Eventually, I arrived because The Silos are conspicuous on the landscape. We walked the area; we sat and “people watched.” Hundred (thousands?) of people milling around, shopping, and eating items from food truck vendors. We spent time in the church that Chip and Joanna Gaines moved from a remote location and restored to simple elegance.

Long story short: My new acquaintance did not feel the Holy Spirit was leading him to linger in Waco. (Long story short because many more things I could write about in the following hours.) In the late afternoon, I drove him thirtyfive miles East to Mexia, Texas.

**If** I had ignored the impulse to get the necklace with a wooden cross, I would have missed an immeasurable blessing. The man is a walking, talking, expositor of the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He has traversed the States and spent time in many of the same locations where I have lived or visited. Repeat: **If** I had ignored the impulse to get the necklace… I would have missed an immeasurable blessing.

That was truly a “good Friday” because (1) I did not spend the day on the computer. (2) I drove all over Waco and did not have a “fear” of the traffic. (3) Seventyplus miles was beneficial for my neglected KIA which has experienced rare short trips to the doctor’s office, Walmart, and H.E.B. grocery shopping. (4) I enjoyed a good night’s sleep because of the fresh air and exercise. (5) Very little TV viewing with far too much negative news.


Full disclosure: After publishing this blog message, I did Google searches for additional information about Chip and Joanna Gaines. I have been short-sighted because I didn’t look beyond the TV programming and the enhancement of the Waco economy. From the grapevine, I “heard” they are Christians and I accepted that as factual. The last word: “Magnolia”  got me out of my recluse rut so now I may be capable of doing the necessary downsizing projects.

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