Lame brain Lorraine ?!


Several days ago, Shutterfly notified me that my pictures would be deleted at the end of the month if I did not renew my subscription. Several days ago, I tried half a dozen ways to download 1,457 pictures to external hard drives. The hard drives are several years old and not compatible with Windows 10. I tried to download the pictures to Google pictures and that did not work either. So-o-o-o, this afternoon I spent $134.00 in an effort to “save” the pictures. Some are very precious to me and, in my humble opinion, worth saving. I could have received the hard drive from Amazon in a day or two before the end of the month. Then I could download the photos and that would be the last of Shutterfly. I didn’t want to risk another download failure so I ordered two magnets and that satisfies the requirement to leave my pictures on Shutterfly. For the magnets, I chose pictures of my Class B motorhome in a field of California Poppies. At this time of year (usually), the California Poppies are magnificent in the desert areas near Lancaster. California (my former hometown).  ~~ I opted for magnets that don’t take up much space because  I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOWNSIZING.

One comment on “Lame brain Lorraine ?!

  1. Deb says:

    The poppies are beautiful

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