Stranger than fiction ?

Two days of intensive research of the Martin family. Research… and creation of these collage images. It is impossible to get all the ancestors on one fan chart (impossible with I have to patch images together. I was fascinated with the number of “cousin marriages” in the Martin family. I’m only remotely related to the family; frankly, there’s no reason to add them to my Frantz family tree. But I was fascinated… and the more I documented the more I observed the connections. I say “observed” because another subscriber to might not seeor rememberthe repetition of names. I have more than thirty-five years of genealogical research behind me and I have never seen anything similar. There were numerous cousin marriages among my Coffin family ancestors living on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. There are cousin marriages between my Old German Baptist Brethren ancestors but, repeat, “I have never seen anything similar.”  I did a Google search on consanguineous marriage and that is an interesting subject.


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