Charity begins at home?

Isn’t there an old saying regarding “charity begins at home”? After my shopping trip, after purchasing several packages of cookies, I prepared a basket of goodies (Tuesday, Feb 28). I placed the cookies next to the coffee pot in the clubhouse of our RV Park. On Saturday morning twenty residents gathered for the monthly “Big Breakfast.”

True story: I don’t buy cookies (or candy) for myself. I thought cookies would be easier to serve than a cakeand I wanted to share birthday goodies with my neighbors.


This afternoon, I took a small bag of indoor trash and a large container of yard debris to the RV Park dumpster. Then I checked the clubhouse thinking I might find an empty pink basket. Perhaps I’m overreacting but I feel I am being rejected. So-o-o, I brought the cookies home and I’ll enjoy Oreo cookies and “Texas Best Homestyle Vanilla Waffers.”

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