Too soon old, too late smart !!

Remember my “mouse” problem a couple of weeks ago? Yesterday, I purchased a “wired mouse”… and opened the package today. It was cheap and the quality is equally “cheap” (one “wired” mouse displayed with eight or ten “wireless”). Later, when I began a search for my extra bank checks, I discovered a brand-new mouse an arm’s length away from the computer keyboard. OMG, this mouse is Superman “faster than a speeding bullet.”

“If” I were not so-o tired… “If” I cleaned up the clutter… “If” I wasn’t so depressed… these careless faux pas would not happen.


Postscript @ 6:35 PM: I tackled some of the clutter and found this note with this unexpected, very welcome, message. This is a quote from Lloyd Ogilvie, my pastor at Hollywood Presbyterian Church, 1970s, 1980s. I think this is a message from God’s lips to my ears.

Make us people who are a lift and not a load, a blessing and not a burden.

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