Interesting research !!!

This is an awesome “climbing the family tree”  day!! Yesterday (last night), I received a request for information. This morning I tackled the project and the individual who inquired is my fifth cousin one-time-removed. I had most of the family documented but I’ve continued to search, and document, because he is looking for the connection to Abraham Lincoln. I’m almost to the Lincoln family but am eager to share my latest project with my readers. Less monumental (?), I passed eighty-seven thousand individuals in my database.


Postscript at 6:40 PM: All day on this very interesting project. I value source material but I also need to “see” the family structure. Today, I added a lot of “source” information and I’m feeling pride because President Abraham Lincoln is a distant relative.


Relationships are complicated.I  believe Mary Lincoln is a grand aunt of Abraham Lincoln.

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