Genealogist’ have humor !!

I asked my California cousin if he was planning to watch the Super Bowl game. He’s an avid researcher and someone I  can “talk to” via email messages.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2023 at 4:52 PM <> wrote:
We will watch the game, even though our San Francisco team lost in the playoffs to Philadelphia. San Francisco had a good team this year, but we ran out of quarterbacks. We lost our best quarterback after the first game of the season, our backup quarterback in game 10, our rookie quarterback after ten minutes in the playoff game with Philadelphia, and our FOURTH quarterback suffered a near concussion at the end of the game. Starting quarterbacks usually last a whole season, but we lost ALL of ours in one season.

I’ll be FRANTZ [frank], I hope like HECK that it will be a NICE game, but it MEYER or MAY not be. I MAY go into a FUNK if my favorite player gets his BELL rung in a FLUKE play and ends up in a COFFIN.

That last paragraph is a creative “play on words.” The capitalized names are surnames in our family tree. ~~ Below: Balloons in the news.

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