“One small step…”

…in the enormous downsizing project.


During our extremely cold weather, I’ve been glued to the computer. I couldn’t walk away!! Mid-afternoon, I got to a “semi” stopping point and forced myself to complete an earlier project. A week (or more) ago, I moved the rack, with DVDs, to the porch. I thought a friend might be interested in the rack and DVDs. “No” everything is available via streaming.”  Being a beautiful afternoon, I stood on the porch, in the sunshine, and transferred the DVDs to a cardboard box. Eventually, they will go to a thrift shop. There are so many projects that should have my time and attention. However, I prefer to “climb trees.”

One comment on ““One small step…”

  1. Deb says:

    I wonder if a nearby nursing home or library would take them.

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