Happy New Year from “Crazy old lady”

It’s a throwback to the years I practiced health and nutrition. I don’t use a microwave oven. A dear friend brought me a container full of the “traditional food” served on New Year’s Day. I’m a couple of days late preparing it for my lunch.


Fact: There was another piece of cornbread in the open container. In broad daylight, with me sitting ten feet away, the mouse was bold enough to help himself (or herself) to my cornbread. I must get glue traps!! I went to Walmart yesterday with “glue traps” as the primary purchase.  NONE I managed to kill four hours because I browsed every aisle. I found a lot of interesting items in the clearance area; I squandered almost $300.00. ~~ The image above and below are this morning’s genealogy projects. I’m trying to get to a “stopping point” regarding the Royer family. “Same name” is always a challenge because many Ancestry subscribers carelessly attach the wrong individuals. “If” I were teaching… lesson number two might be “location, location, location.”  Location is an important factor in Real Estate (from the mouth of a former Real Estate salesperson). Many Ancestry subscribers fail to consider that a family member living in Pennsylvania for decades didn’t die in Kansas. “Where did they live? What do the Census records reveal?”


I’m a healthy “crazy old lady.”  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday (regular routine appointment)  and the doctor praised me for being “in good health for my age.”


Kudos to Elon Musk.

Postscript: How do I know the mouse was in my cornbread? I saw him/her!!

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