One thing leads to another

Watching the program about Yellowstone, narrated by Kevin Costner, follows activity yesterday. My TV was turned off “as usual” on Wednesday night. Thursday morning no TV. At about noon, I phoned Spectrum  to report my problem. The recorded voice with automated system did not restore service. Next step: Talk with a technicianwithout success. Third: A repairman came to correct the problem. (Not my problem; Spectrum [reportedly] serviced the system during the night.)

The very nice young repairman gave me “a couple of tips” regarding the connection between the TV and the laptop computer. (One thing leads to another.) Even with “a couple of tips”  it took about two hours to get from start to viewing. I’m uncertain how I accomplished what I accomplished… and will write down the steps (next time) so I’ll know how for future viewing.

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