Thursday activities

When nationwide results of the election were displayed on TV, I saw the name “Mike France.” There was a branch of the “Frantz” tree that changed the spelling of their surname. I searched for a connection… but did not locate the names of Mike’s parents. With that information (parent’s names) I might have determined Mike’s ancestry and determined if he is a cousin.


Climbing a ladder and climbing a tree (the “family tree”).

The bright lights are bulbs that were an extra purchase. I didn’t realize the “extra” bulbs would outshine those that came with the patio lights.

Last year, on two separate occasions, I purchased patio lights. It was an extravagant purchase because each set cost $40.00. Recently, I saw the same lights as clearance items and they were $3.99 each. I purchased both… Timers were, likewise, clearance items and I purchased all sixat $3.12 eachand will share them with neighbors when we decorate (before Thanksgiving) with Christmas lights throughout the RV Park. Last year, similar timers (dusk to dawn) were $30.00 each.

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