Thank me ?

My mother’s maiden name is SHOWALTER. I have a Showalter cousin as passionate about Showalter documentation as I am about FRANTZ documentation. Recently (as noted in recent blog messages), I have been working to correctly identify two (or three) men named Charles Showalter. Naturally, I consulted “cousin” (with more than 100,000 individuals in his “tree”). He offered valuable information and sent these two newspaper clippings. Searching for information that might help me with “same name” men, he found a previously unknown (to him) Showalter for his tree. “Thank me?” ~~~ “Cousin” and I state emphatically that family history is extremely interesting.


Below is a collage I prepared so “cousin” and I can compare details about men named Charles Showalter. Many novice subscribers to Ancestry have inaccurate documentation. Ultimately, I’m just a janitor cleaning up messes.

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