Ridiculous ?!

Eleven hours, yesterday, because I struck a gold mine of information and could not walk away. It started with the maiden name of my mother“Showalter”and connected to surnames on my father’s side“Frantz.” Names and sources were effortless, I couldn’t stop!! With more than 80,000 individuals in my database, I’m very familiar with surnames–and the families associated with the surnames. Two women named Frances I. Wolf with similar birth years.  Believe it or not, I “knew” there was a problem with dates for the wife of my fifth cousin. Born in Tennessee was wrong and launched the search “Two women named Frances I. Wolf” and absolutely no relationship. Indubitably, I had to create images to direct future researchers to the correct information.


This image illustrates another problem and I don’t have an answer for this one. The Death Certificate has (in my humble opinion) listed an unknown woman as his mother.


Completely off-topic: I did not turn on the TV until early evening. That was extremely unusual for me. I was euphorically “mining gold.”


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