Blame Coronavirus ?

Yesterday, at “Big Breakfast” (the first since March 2020), “Mr. Red” relayed a message from the new (as of January 2022) management company.  Evidently “they” manage a number of mobilehome parks and “they” say ours is the only one with a spirit of community. Our Park will soon be twenty years old and “Mr. Red” has poured “blood, sweat, and tears” into every inch. He is the heart of this Park (in my humble opinion); he knows the residents talents and tears. But the Coronavirus pandemic took its toll. Long story short: “Mr. Red” plans to have a “Big Breakfast” once a month and encourages residents to participate. It got me out!! Correction: He got me out!!

Frequently, I’ve mentioned gestures of kindness to Lorraine. “Mr. Red” brings a container with a portion of the meal he prepared at home. Remarkably, at Cracker Barrel, he will get a “to go” box before he starts his lunch and he will bring half to me. Every time he grocery shops, he phones to ask if I need anything. I tell him “I don’t want to be a bother”  (translated: don’t shop for me) but he brings fruit and veggies, and Blue Bell ice cream. Yesterdayon my shopping tripI discovered Blue Bell is $8.00 per half-gallon. OMG!!

It’s Sunday and I’m full of praise and thanksgiving!!

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