Such a contradiction ?

I talk about my faith, my trust in God my Heavenly Father. Yet, this morning (11 o’clock) I’m having a panic attack because I’m expected at a “Big Breakfast” tomorrow morning (at nine). This is the first “Big Breakfast” since the Coronavirus pandemic started two-and-one-half years ago. As I’ve often stated, I’ve been a hermit. I do not want to be in a crowd of peoplealbeit perhaps only a small crowd and people I know. ~~ This is my Journal and I have to be honest about events in my everyday life.

2 comments on “Such a contradiction ?

  1. Deb says:

    Isolation isn’t healthy. Human beings are wired to be social creatures. You should get out more regularly. It will do you good.

  2. Intellectually, I know I need to get out more BUT my body resists!! I “talk” to myself but my legs won’t take me out the door.

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