Request for family tree assistance

This old lady has confessed to addiction to “climbing the family tree.” When a request for help arrives in my email box, I hasten to find answers. After I completed my research (and delivered response messages), I checked for our “cousin” relationship. That was a BIG SURPRISE because it is via my maternal branch of the tree. Usually, requests are for Frantz information and collateral lines (my paternal lineage).


POSTSCRIPT: Being altruistic has its perks. Conservatively, six hours have been spent “helping” the Ancestry subscriber with her request. In the process, I have added information to my tree and reinforced the information I have about her branch of the tree.

One comment on “Request for family tree assistance

  1. […] I wanted to send a one-word reply: “Ingrate”  —but I didn’t. ~~ See my previous message regarding her […]

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