Precious Memories


A cousin sent a very interesting article and the following is my reply.

SINCERE THANKS, Gale, for the article. I knew Elvin years ago. He and the extended family researched and self-published a small booklet (for family) titled “Michael Frantz Descendants.” His sister, Hazel Frantz Turner, seemed to have the bulk of the researched information and she lived about one-hundred miles from me–in Highlands, California. I spent a good many hours in her home in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
More to the story: I was beginning my Frantz research and approached it with a mass-mailing. I wrote a pleasant letter introducing myself and asking for Frantz information. I spent time in the Lancaster library going through phone directories (all over the U.S.) for folks with the Frantz surname. I sent the letter–with SASE (remember self-address stamped envelope?). I received a reply from Loren Frantz–in Pennsylvania–saying his sister had a booklet titled Michael Frantz Descendants. If I remember correctly, that same day, I received a large padded envelope with a copy of Michael Frantz Descendants. Loren had shared my request with his sister (whom I would not have known to contact) and she graciously shared with me.

If you may have noticed, I have Hazel’s name as one of the authors of Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. She was extremely helpful. One project in particular: A Brubaker cousin in Sacramento was planning to publish a Brubaker book. He shared hundreds of computer printout pages with his information and Hazel checked every name against information she and I already had. It was a very poor presentation (book) and he was stuck with copies that never sold. Sorry, I don’t remember his name (because he didn’t make a good impression on me). I visited with him a couple of times–in Sacramento.

Gale, see what memories the name “Elvin” brings. Thanks from Lorraine

A second email message to my cousin:

Gale, I did some additional research after reading the story. I added information to the Ancestry Gallery with further details about Elvin Dale Frantz. Thought you might like this extra background.

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